Smoked Organic Salmon from the Wilds of Ireland for your Chinese New Year Yusheng

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From the Atlantic shore of the west of Ireland, Burren Smokehouse Smoked Organic Salmon, is now available in Singapore. 

Hand-prepared and smoked in small batches in the Burren Smokehouse in Lisdoonvarna, this smoked organic salmon range – hot and cold, spiced and plain – is the tastiest salmon available on the market (author’s opinion!)

The fish are sourced from the clean Atlantic waters off the west coast of Ireland and every piece of lean, muscular salmon is checked for quality. The salmon is cured in salt to enhance its flavour and kill off bacteria. The silky, translucent fillets are oak-smoked, a traditional method that has been used in Ireland since ancient times. The cold smoked salmon is never exposed to temperatures exceeding 35°C to ensure the flesh does not coagulate. It is then hand sliced by Burren Smokehouse master smoker Peadar Reilly. The finest natural ingredients such as sea salt, natural oak smoke, locally-grown herbs and wild seaweed foraged in West Clare are added to the salmon, yielding an authentic and nutritious product.

With Chinese New Year festivities set to sweep Asia by the end of the month, Burren Smokehouse Cold Smoked Organic Salmon is a tasty addition to a traditional Chinese version of a raw fish salad, also known as Yusheng. The auspicious dish is tossed with chopsticks by those seated around the table, and words of prosperity and well wishes are exchanged. It is believed that the higher the salad is tossed, the greater the abundance of blessings in the Lunar New Year. There are a variety of recipes for this festive dish (like this one), but they all include ingredients such as raw fish, thinly sliced vegetables, crunchy crackers, powdered spice and plum sauce. The inclusion of raw fish symbolizes abundance in the New Year and no doubt, some slices of Burren Smokehouse Cold Smoked Organic Salmon cut into strips for your Lo Hei can only add to your abundance this Chinese New Year!

Hot smoked salmon is particularly common in the Pacific Northwest, and during the smoking process the temperatures rise as high as 80°C, until it has a beautiful flaky texture and is somewhat similar to grilled salmon. With a slightly longer shelf life than cold smoked salmon, this variety is excellent for use in hot cooked dishes and perfect when cooked into quickes, pasta, scrambled eggs or simply to eat solo.

Watch the Burren Smokehouse’s short YouTube video for a visual introduction to their age-old salmon smoking process.

To see our current Burren Smokehouse range available through Inish Bia please click here.

Veena McCoole

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