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Mr Crumbs Sage and Onion Stuffing - $6.50

Mr Crumbs Sage and Onion Stuffing - $6.50

Delicious, Premium Quality Stuffing Mixes

We believe that after tasting many products on the market, our Mr Crumb stuffings are amongst the very best.

They are the closest convenient mix to homemade, with their rustic texture and superb flavour and are guaranteed to add superb flavour, texture and visual appeal to your chosen meat, fish and vegetables. Excellent with Pork, Poultry and as a sprinkle on Fish and Roast Vegetables.

Taste and Flavour

When Mr Crumb Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix is made up, there is a predominant aroma of breadcrumb followed by notes of wild sage & red kibbled onion. Once cooked, the aroma of sage & onion is followed by delicious baked bread notes. Once cooked the stuffing will have a moist, crumbly texture with a slight bite to the kibbled onions.